Eleven Alive

Eleven Alive


Check out this album recorded live in Easton, PA on 11/11/11.

This album can be purchased here: https://doughawk.bandcamp.com/album/eleven-alive

01. Calorie Bomb

02. Teach Me

03. Poison in my Well

04. Heroes?

05. Fortunata

06. Caught in a Quiet Room

07. Words

08. Whatever Happened to Kings?

09. NASA

10. I Come From Nowhere

11. With You, Without You

Recorded live on 11/11/11 at Black & Blue, Easton, PA.
Please play loudly!!
Produced by Doug Hawk
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Jim McGee of SpectraSound Recording. Nazareth, PA.
CD art by Matt Nixon. Layout by Leo Vasquez.

released January 16, 2012

Doug Hawk - vox.keys
Mike Lorenz - guitar
Lee Clarke - bass
Paul Wells - drums

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